to the New Officers!

Chairman:  David Sajdak

Vice Chair:  Linda Cannon

Political Director:  Tiffany Fung

Precinct Director:  Blake Guinn

Community Relations Director:  Sherman Ray

Secretary:  Lynn Armanino

Treasurer:  William “Bill” Stieren

NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday September 17, The Veil Room at The Silverton Casino, 3333 Blue Diamond Road

If you would like to get involved, please contact Sherman Ray 702-998-7677!

What We Believe

We affirm that this nation and this state were founded upon the principles that all people are created equal…


  If you are concerned about the direction our nation is going, and like us, believe real change begins in our neighborhoods and local communities…

Who We Are

We are a strong, effective and modern organization that is a key contributor to the success of Republicans’ winning elections.