About the Clark County Republican Party

The success of the Clark County Republican Party is vital to the future of both the Nevada Republican Party and the GOP. The Clark County Republican Party sees itself as a strong, effective and modern organization that is a key contributor to the success of Republicans winning elections. As such, we will revitalize the Clark County Republican image and increase our membership base while we adhere to our Republican principles. We will become a central source for support, volunteers, education and other assistance to Republican candidates and constituents.

The mission of the Clark County Republican Party is to supply the human and capital resources necessary to elect more Republicans to office.
We can fulfill our mission by:
1. Increase Republican Voter Registration

2. Identify, recruit and support Republican candidates for office

3. Establish on-going efforts to raise money to promote Republican candidates

4. Concentrate on grass roots efforts in local communities to reach out to the disillusioned, the undecided and the uninformed

5. Participate in community functions so the Republican brand is better understood

6. Increase Republican voter turn-out by increasing voter awareness, reaching out to voters and providing rides when necessary

7. Always be well organized and professional