We the people of the Clark County Republican Party, affirm that this Nation and this State were founded upon the principles that all people are created equal; that the powers of government are derived from the people for the purpose of protecting the people’s God given right to be free and to choose their own pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness; without regard to race, gender, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation. We invite those who agree with the principles and platforms stated herein to join with our efforts so that this nation will continue to be “The last best hope of earth”; and, so that this nation will return to the principle that we are a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

PLANK #1 – Terrorism & National Security

We believe that terrorism presents a clear and present danger to the security and safety of the American people, and therefore our security must be a national, state and local priority.

PLANK #2 – Jobs & Economy

We believe that free market principles promote job growth and prosperity for all; therefore, we encourage policies that support small businesses and private sector job creation, while eliminating unnecessary government regulations and burdensome taxes; and that government should not exercise favoritism among competing businesses.

PLANK #3 – Health Care

We believe health care is a personal choice that is best managed without government interference and the law known as Obamacare has failed and must be repealed and replaced with a better system offering competitive choices to lower premiums and deductibles.

PLANK #4 – Public Education

We believe that our public education system needs substantial improvement and therefore, we support appropriately sized school districts and local control of education where the money follows the child, giving parents more school choices.

PLANK #5 – Immigration Reform

We believe that legal immigrants from all nations are pillars of our community and acknowledge their contributions; we welcome people from all cultures and races who support the Constitution of the United States, our Country’s rule of law, improving and enforcing immigration laws, and properly securing our borders.

PLANK #6 – Taxation

We believe that people and businesses are burdened by excessive taxation; therefore, we support efforts to reduce this tax burden.

PLANK #7 – Fiscal Responsibility

We believe that State and Local governments need to stop burdening our children and grand-children with future obligations and liabilities; therefore we support zero-based balanced budgets that are fully disclosed to the public.

PLANK #8 – Protecting our Rights

We strongly believe in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights; accordingly, we oppose any legislation that infringes upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms or prohibits the free exercise of religion or freedom of speech.

PLANK #9 – Labor & Employment

We believe that employees, both union and non-union, are an integral part of our economy; we support employers and employees working together and making their own decisions for better wages, hours and working conditions which promote job opportunities, facilitate economic growth and reduce government interference.

PLANK #10 – Voice of the People

We believe that a primary system is a simple, fair and efficient process that maximizes voting opportunities and ensures that each vote counts; therefore we support the elimination of the caucus system in favor of a closed primary and the implementation of Voter ID requirements.

PLANK #11 – Political Discourse

We believe that Americans are a united people coming from many diverse backgrounds and that diversity is a core strength of this country; we support a more civil and robust discourse, notwithstanding the strength of diverse opinions.