On January 20, 2016, the Clark County Republican Central Committee passed the following resolution:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Clark County Republican Central Committee, in the interests of transparency in the governance of the 2016 Republican caucus, orders the Clark County Republican Chairman to publish online at the CCRP website the following lists of names, but not contact information:

All volunteers signed up to assist the CCRP with the caucus 48 hours in advance of the caucus and what location they are assigned to; and,

All volunteers who did not attend their precinct meeting who were granted a caucus worker exemption to attend the county convention not less than 72 hours after the caucus; and,

All delegates to the county convention not less than 10 days after the caucus; and,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Clark County Republican Central Committee orders that if the provisions of this resolution are not complied with, a Special Meeting of the central committee shall be held at 7:00pm on the 9th of March 2016 with the sole agenda item of reviewing the legitimacy of county convention delegate selection and the failure to distribute any lists as required above.

As of February 21, 2016, 5:00pm, the following volunteers have been assigned to locations:

Soucy Robert Arbor View High School
Minster Sally Arbor View High School
Gaffney David Basic High School
Ernest Carson Basic High School
Rickard Sherry Bonanza High School
Holdeman Lyndon Bonanza High School
Evans Maraya Boulder City High School
Bronstein Linda Boulder City High School
Newsome Ronald Canyon Springs
Varela Saul Canyon Springs
Allen West Centennial High School
Parker Cindy Centennial High School
Riggins Mark Chaparral High School
Morrisey Keisha Chaparral High School
Deganahl Carolyn Charles Arthur Hughes Middle School
Farrell Paula Charles Arthur Hughes Middle School
Marquez Jesus Cheyenne High School
Marquez Krissian Cheyenne High School
Meyers Richard Cimarron Memorial High School
Waufle Jeffrey Cimarron Memorial High School
Abbott Gwendolyn Clark High School
Diniz Raphael Clark High School
Lin-greenberg Angela Coronado High School
Lin-greenberg Alan Coronado High School
Ackley Joe Del Sol High School
Waufle Jeffrey Del Sol High School
Strauss Robert Desert Oasis High School
Bajorek Michael Desert Oasis High School
Donald Carole Durango High School
Miyashiro Uli Durango High School
Deaux Jericha Eldorado High School
Edwards Christopher Eldorado High School
Silberkraus Stephen Green Valley High School
Howells Mark Green Valley High School
Ross Jordan Laughlin High School
Hunter Elizabeth Laughlin High School
Smith Yolanda Liberty High School
Smith Robert Liberty High School
Blake Robert Mannion Middle School
Buck Carrie Mannion Middle School
Taylor Thomas Moapa Valley High School
Taylor Liz Moapa Valley High School
Gibbs Dave Mojave High School
Gibbs Kathy Mojave High School
Small James Palo Verde High School
Singh Saroj Palo Verde High School
Mickelson Russell Rancho High School
Gramrosa Victor Rancho High School
Rogers Gary Sandy Valley Community Center
Glynn Ronald Sandy Valley Community Center
Thurber Betty Shadow Ridge High School
Hand Margaret Shadow Ridge High School
Perine Philip Siena Social Center
Perine Bonnie Siena Social Center
Hart David Sierra Vista High School
Cooper Curtis Sierra Vista High School
Mazzone Dwight Silverado High School
Rodriguez Luis Silverado High School
Havilek Michael Spring Valley High School
Spring Valley High School
Bear Virginia Sun City Anthem Clubhouse
Matson Kathleen Sun City Anthem Clubhouse
Rumford Merton Sun City Summerlin Mtn. Shadows Cmty. Cntr.
Rumford Betty Sun City Summerlin Mtn. Shadows Cmty. Cntr.
Roberts Robin Valley High School
Babcock Lillian Valley High School
Deanne Ron Wallin, Shirley and Bill Elementary
Woo Sydney Wallin, Shirley and Bill Elementary
Wasserburger William Western High School
Njus Kathy Western High School


The following volunteers have not been assigned to a location: Download File.

UPDATE: As of February 26, 2016, 5:00pm, the Permanent Subcommittee on Credentials Appeals and Ethics has not granted exemptions to any caucus volunteers.

UPDATE: As of March 4, 2016, 5:00pm, the CCRP Registrar has provided the following update:

In order to prepare the final verified list of county convention delegates and alternates, we need the sign-in sheets from the caucus sites.  The state party is still processing the caucus attendance. Until they are finished, we do not have any of the requisite attendance information.
I have been in communication with Mark Howells, Chairman of the credentials subcommittee regarding this as well as a few other minor verification issues. He is aware of the situation.
I have also been in communication with the state party regarding the urgency and necessity of receiving this information.  As soon as I receive it from the State party, we will be able to finish the verification and provide you the delegate list.