From KRNV News 4:

Nevada’s Republican Party is calling Tuesday’s caucus a huge success. This is quite a turnaround from what happened in the last two Presidential elections.

The Republican National Committee was watching closely. There was concern that if it didn’t go well this time, the RNC would pull the plug on Nevada’s GOP caucus.

Even though a lot of people are not necessarily fans of the caucus process, the national attention it gives Nevada as “first in the west” is something other states now want.

Washoe County Republican Party Chairman Adam Khan said, “Colorado and Arizona are really lobbying for that ‘first in the west’ state status.”

But Nevada’s Republican Party said all that changed Tuesday with a successful caucus that broke turnout records. Ed Williams, Clark County Republican Party Chairman said, “Turnout was epic. It was more than double the turnout in 2012. We knew it was going to be big, but it was even a bit bigger than expected.”