At the Regular Meeting on September 19, 2017, a Special Election will be held to fill the vacancies of one Trustee from Commission District C and one Trustee from Commission District F for the remainder of the two year terms, which expires in the Spring of 2018.  Only current voting members residing in each of those commission districts will be eligible to vote for the Trustee for their district.


Candidates for Trustee for Commission District C

  • Vernon Brooks
Greetings fellow Clark County Republicans! I’m Vernon Brooks, and I’ve entered my name on the ballot for Trustee, Commission District C. Many of you know me either first hand, or by my involvement at the Central Committee meetings, where I have been the Sergeant-At-Arms for a while now.

**My Politics:

I’m an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment, limited government, and individual liberty. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA, and a Life Member of the Nevada Firearms Coalition (NVFAC).

**My Experience:

I’ve been actively involved in the 2nd Amendment fight in Nevada for years. I have participated in drafting and editing legislation during the 2015 session. I frequently volunteer and recruit for the local branch of NRA-ILA, including making phone calls, attending town halls, and placing yard signs opposing Question #1. I have recruited volunteers to the NVFAC. I have been an active admin and organizer for the Las Vegas Open Carry social media group, including monthly meetups at local dining establishments.

I have completed AFP’s Grassroots Leadership Academy. (anyone who hasn’t done this – you should. It’s a worthwhile experience.)

I have been a small business owner in Las Vegas since 2001. My company provides IT consulting and administration services to small businesses.

I was my precinct chair for the 2016 Caucus, and a delegate to the county convention. I am a member of the Nevada Republican Men’s Club.

**Why Me?:

We are quite blessed in District C to have several qualified candidates running for this Trustee seat. I’m honored to have my name alongside the others. So the obvious question is “Why do I deserve your vote?”

I aim to be a steady hand on the board. I’ve stood back for several years, and watched boards and leadership come and go, with much turmoil at every turn. I’ve tried to glean whether that turmoil was the result of participants being effective watchdogs for the party, or rabble rousers addicted to dysfunction. By my assessment, it seems to be a bit of both.

But now I see something emerging that I haven’t seen in a while: Unity. And that gives me hope that we can steer this county party back on course, and return to the principles we espouse, especially fiscal conservatism. A party with an empty bank account is not an effective party. And a party that spends time on infighting amongst ourselves is a party that is not crushing the progressive agenda.

I believe I can serve as both a conscientious watchdog, and still support a unified Clark County Republican Party. And that’s why I’d like your vote. Thanks for your consideration.

**One more thing:

In addition to my own candidacy for Trustee District C, I am supporting Tom Panagos for his bid to be your Trustee in District F. He’s a firm supporter of Republican principles, and I have the utmost faith in his ability serve as an integral component of the board.

  • Phillip Collins
  • Ray Lehman
  • Sally Minster
I am a married mom of six and have owned a swimming pool service company for 30 years. I am also a life-long Republican. I am a limited government, free market conservative with libertarian leanings. I believe in a transparent, open executive board and uniting people to work together with a common goal: to elect Republicans!

I have served in this capacity on the board in the past, from 2009-2012 and co-chair of the platform committees in 2010 and 2012. I was also assistant caucus site manager in 2016. I am one of the first Tea Party organizers in Las Vegas in 2009 and have been a member of CCRCC since 2009 and a Nevada Republican Central Committee member.

If you want a trustee who will lead with integrity and take YOUR voice to party leadership, vote for me on Sept 19th!!

  • Jayson Paretts
  • Jim Sallee  (withdrew)
  • Stephen Sedlmeyer
  • William Steffin

Candidates for Trustee for Commission District F

  • Tina Larsen
  • Tom Panagos
I have been a member of the Clark County Republican Party Central Committee for just about a year and a half. I volunteered to work the last Republican caucus and I was a delegate at the last Clark County Republican convention.

I am a constitutionalist that believes the Republican Party needs to return to its roots as the party of a small, decentralized, fiscally conservative government fighting for the liberty of all and getting government out of the way so we can live our lives as we see fit.

I have an MBA from Syracuse University and have spent my career in business development, marketing, sales and operations for large corporations, start up companies and for the last eight years as a part owner of a small executive recruitment firm based in Las Vegas.

I am volunteering to help support the newly elected officers of the CCRPCC and to help elect liberty minded republicans so we can reverse the lefts encroachment in Clark County and the State of Nevada.

I am asking for your vote in the special election, which will be held at the next regular meeting of the CCRCC on September 19th.

In addition to my own candidacy for Trustee District F, I am supporting Vernon Brooks for his bid to be your Trustee in District C.

I have come to respect Vern a great deal. He has integrity, character and is dedicated to the Republican principles.  He will be a great addition to the board.

Thank you for your support